GYRO - GYRO souvlaki is in Chora in Naxos and is well known for serving the best souvlaki on the island. It has been open since 1986 in one of the central points of Naxos, in Platia Protodikeiou, and has won the trust of the locals and visitors alike over the years.

The secret of our success is that, from the very first day we opened, we have made all our souvlaki from fresh Naxos meat. Our pita bread is handmade, and is exceptionally tasty and without added preservatives.  We have been making all our products with the highest quality local ingredients since 1986, and we continue to do so today.

GYRO - GYRO souvlaki serves all the delights of a modern grill restaurant. Special grilled meats, spit-roasted meat of the day, kebabs in pita bread, meat on a skewer, kebabs, sausages, tortillas filled with kebab meat, meat on a skewer or kebabs, and selections of different meats. You can also find pita breads filled with mushrooms on our menu – a great choice whether you are vegetarian or not.

GYRO - GYRO is a favourite haunt of locals and visitors alike as it is famous for its souvlaki and for all the other dishes it serves. We combine taste, quality and price. Just sampling our menu will be enough to make you a fan of our unique dishes which satisfy even the most discerning palate.
DELIVERY available every day.
Every day 12:00 - 02:00



Spit roast of the day (serving)

Lamb 8.00€
Chicken 6.00€
Κondosouvli (spit roasted pork) 7.00€
Pork belly 7.00€
Kokoretsi (spit roasted offal) 7.00€​


Tzatziki 2.50€ / Baked feta 3.50€
Chips 2.00€ / Chips with sauce 2.50€
Olives 2.50€ / Spicy cheese dip 4.00€
Bruschetta with tomatoes and feta or xynomyzithra cheese 4.00€
Naxos cheese (feta with olive oil with oregano. Xynomyzithra, graviera, kefalotyri cheeses)

Greek 5.00€

Naxos 6.00€
Dakos (tomatoes and feta on crispbreads) 6.00€

Soft drinks - Alcohol

​​Coca-Cola  330ml 1.50€
Water 0.5L 0.50€
Water 1L 1.00€
Alpha Beer 500ml 2.50€
Heineken Beer 500ml 3.00€
Naxos wine 0.5L  3.00€
Naxos wine 1L 6.00€

Find us on the map
Platia Protodikeiou
84300, Chora Naxos
Τel.: 22850 24847

Opening Hours
Daily 12:00-02:00

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